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Managing the Changing Trade Landscape

The Future is Bright… But Maybe Not in The Way You Think!

Heavier Tolls from Tariffs?

Macro Trends That Drive International Shipping

The Tariff Talley… Here we go again!!

The Impact of Protectionism on Global Trade!

Strong US Growth in 2019 Means Declining Trade Overall… Why?

Trade in the Context of Economic Expansion (Part 2)

Trade in the Context of Economic Expansion (Part 1)

A Trade War for All?

The Technology Low Down Part 4 – Autonomous Shipping

Freight Forwarding in the midst of a Government Shutdown

The Technology Low Down Part 2 – Blockchain

The Tariff Talley – Reloaded!

The Technology Low Down Part 3 – Alternative Fuels

The Technology Low Down Part 1 – Neural Nets

A Meaningful Solution to Industry Pain Points

Trust, Technology, and International Shipping!

The Global Impact of the U.S./China Trade War

The Elusive Quest for “Low Touch, High Volume”

It is All About Relationships & Communication

Becoming an Ocean Transport Intermediary (OTI)

How the Road to Start My Own Freight Forwarding Company Led Me to Solve Pain Points for International Shippers

The Tariff Tally... Part III

A Tale of $200B Tariffs

Things to Consider About Trade Deals and Ocean Freight

The Tariff Tally... Part II

Thoughts to Reduce International Shipping Risk

The Tariff Tally… and its Impact?

A Technology Revolution for the Logistics Industry

A Global Slowdown in Imports and Exports… and the Reasons Why!

PierPass 2.0 Rolling Out!

Emergency Bunker Surcharges & Increased Ocean Freight Rates

Gaming the Spot Market

A Summer of Consequence!

Looming Freight Rate Increases… Maybe!

Tariffs and Trade… the Good and Bad!

Resources for the Taking!

The Advantage of Aligning Freight Forwarding Operations and Sales

Tariffs, Trucking & Trade Volume... oh my!

How Instantaneous Rates Drive Operational Efficiencies!

News on Open Sea’s Shipping and the Need for Stable Freight Prices

How Good Fright Forwarding Services Reduce You Customer Support Costs

A Realistic Source of Competitive Advantage?

Fastest Rates = Lowest Risk and More Customers!

How to Make Exporting Simple (part 3)

How to Make Exporting Simple (part 2)

How to Make Exporting Simple (part 1)

Getting Sync'ed With Freight Shipping Terminology

How to Top-Out Your Bottom-Line as a Freight Forwarder

The “ins” and “outs” of a Spectacular Sales Pipeline… and Why You Need It!

How to Lock International Freight Rates Fast!

Accelerated Exporting To Increase Market Share

Next-Generation Approaches To Drive Freight Forwarding Profits

Chinese Import Ban on Recovered Plastic and Paper Products